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The White Mountain by Bill Baxter

As a chief lighting technician and director of photography for many years, I was on the ground floor of over one hundred feature films. I've worked for everyone from David Lynch to John Woo, Tom Cruise to Will Smith. In that time I read a lot of scripts.  Reading some of these scripts was a joy, but at times I wondered if I could do better. 

Wisdom dictates that a writer writes about what they know, as an avid reader I delved deep into history. World War II as we know today was a universal event in human history, and not one person that is alive today has not been touched by its effects. 

Much of the writing on the war is really in two categories; written by the winners of of the war and written by those who were helplessly affected by it. 

The White Mountain is a synthesis of these two modes of thought, it contains the winners and the losers of war: the randomness and perils, the fear and loss, the terrible violence and the pinnacles of kindness. 

Bill Baxter 

Writer - The White Mountain

Cretans being rounded up by the Germans, Canea 1940.

Cretans being rounded up by the Germans, Canea 1940.


Bill Baxter



Cretan guerrillas, two of whom are featured in The White Mountain.