The Research for The White Mountain

I went to the Island of Crete for four weeks in December of 2017 and Jan 2018 to research the script. I had been writing and researching for over a year.  I explored Crete as the characters in the screenplay would have experienced it, scrabbling through bushes, climbing mountains and hiking for days, chased by wild dogs rather than Germans, and going hungry for days. What I found at the end was pretty reassuring, I had the tone of Cretan countryside correct. 


The Beach

In the script, Xan Fielding lands on a windswept beach at night. This is the beach.  

The Cave 

This is the cave that XF spent an uncomfortable night sitting across from Petrastakis' gunmen. 

Tres Ekkles, Crete

Tres Ekkles, Crete

Creek bed near Moundas, Crete 

Creek bed near Moundas, Crete 

The Creek Bed 

This is the creek near Moundas that TSIPHAKIS and XF were pinned down by the Germans. 

Cave in Nida.png

The Cave in the Nida

The man looking at the camera is German General Kriepe. He was captured by the Cretans with British help. 


I found the cave. 




After a year of research

And eight hours of walking in the snow. 


This is part of the destroyed village.

XF walked through here on his way to Bourdzalis' hideout. 


The Nazi Headquarters today.

XF had spies inside this building.